Multichopper in a biogas plant

A biogas plant in the middle of Sweden had demands to ensure a smaller particle size of the substrate before hygienization. Usually conveying food and slaughterhouse waste, there are also stones and pieces of metal that caused problems for the former macerator of a competitor. But now with the Börger Multichopper, the grinder helps to separate particles from the substrate with very successful results. Even though the application is very demanding, it has now been running for several years.

In front of the Multichopper, there is a magnet separator installed, to ensure that no further equipment, e.g. pumps, etc., are damaged. Thus, these metal parts still get into the multichopper. They empty the debris collector from stones and metal parts every week. The biogas plant receives about 10 kg of cutlery every day and after 2 weeks of collecting these, they welded a Game-of-throne chair in full scale.